A Treatment Centre for Men and Women with
Addictions & Concurrent Mental Health Disorders


How long is the program?

Our program is a minimum of 30 days. Anything past that is based on the specific needs of the individual. These needs will be assessed by our clinical team and will be discussed with the client.

Is the program covered by OHIP?

No, we are a private facility and therefore our program is fee-for-service.

Does private insurance cover the cost of the program?

Depending upon your particular coverage, some insurance companies provide coverage. We will work with you to provide the insurance companies with the information they require in order to make a claim.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Trafalgar Residence accepts credit cards, bank drafts and certified cheques.  We also accept payments from Medicard (www.medicard.com)

How many clients are in treatment at once?

Trafalgar Residence can provide treatment for a maximum of 23 clients at any given time. Our intimate size and setting enables us to provide maximum individual treatment and client care. The entire Trafalgar Residence staff knows each client by name.

Is it a 12-step rehab?

Our program is designed to provide our clients with access to multiple treatment modalities. Treatment is informed by principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialetical Behaviour Therapy (DBT- including a focus on Mindfulness), Humanistic and other approaches that have proven effective in the treatment of addictive behaviours. We also take pride in providing our clients with an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through various holistic, restorative activities. These may include art therapy, leisure and recreational activities, as well as physical fitness.

We believe the combination of evidence based treatments, holistic and experiential therapies, complimented by the 12-steps is the ideal way to help clients regain a strong and healthy sense of identify on their journey to recovery.

Can I have a private room?

All of the rooms at Trafalgar Residence have a minimum of 2 occupants. We encourage room mates to learn from each other through open communication to break the cycle of isolation.

How is the food?

Trafalgar Residence prides itself on the quality of food we provide. Our chefs are highly skilled at preparing meals that are healthy, well balanced and of course, delicious. We are happy to accommodate clients with food allergies and other dietary needs/restrictions.

Are clients allowed to leave the premises?

Clients are not allowed to leave the premises unless accompanied by staff. Twice weekly, clients are escorted to local, community meetings.

Are the staff all recovering addicts?

Trafalgar Residence therapists are all either Psychologists or Social Workers with a Master’s level of education or higher. Some of our addiction counsellors are in recovery and have been for longer than 10 years, some up to 25 years.

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We recognize the significance of timing in recovery, and we do our utmost to accommodate your treatment needs as soon as you are ready. Call us now!

Our clinical team collaborates to create individualized and integrated treatment programs to competently address both addiction and mental health disorders, enabling clients to achieve long-term recovery success.

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