Canada's Leader in Addiction &
Mental Health Treatment

Trafalgar Residence - Rice Lake, Ont.

A private treatment centre
located east of Toronto
on the shores of Rice Lake.

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Trafalgar Residence - Erin, Ont.

A private treatment centre
located in a serene country
setting just west of Toronto..

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Trafalgar Residence - Toronto, Ont.

Conveniently located
in mid-town Toronto.

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What We Treat

Substance Use Disorders
(Drug and Alcohol Addiction)

Our devoted team of qualified health care workers are prepared to treat a wide range of substance related disorders, generally meaning any substance (be it alcohol or drugs) that is taken in patterns of...

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Process Addictions
(Compulsive Behaviours)

Research has shown that addiction can extend past substance abuse, leading to what is known as process addictions or compulsive behaviours. The definition of a process addiction refers to any compulsive...

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Concurrent Disorders
(Mental Health Issues)

Substance abuse and mental illness are intrinsically linked, with about half of all patients with mental disorders being affected by substance abuse. When a person suffers from substance abuse or...

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CARF Canada Accreditation Candidate

CARF is the MARK of quality in the field of mental health and addiction treatment.

Trafalgar Residence is proud to embrace the internationally recognized organizational and program standards required by CARF for accreditation.

CARF is a renowned accreditation body that sets international consensus standards for health and human services organizations. Its mission is to promote the quality, value and optimal outcomes through a consultative process and continuous improvement that centre on enhancing the lives of persons served.

Trafalgar Residence Inc.

Trafalgar Residence is a place you can come to feel comfortable while a support system of top professionals and peers help get you back to your healthiest state.

Trafalgar Residence is an innovative, high-end and affordable private residential treatment centre. We offer substance abuse and behavioral treatments and services for our clients, utilizing the latest therapeutic techniques. Our focus is providing therapy for addiction recovery and concurrent mental health disorders, while providing a safe, comfortable environment for our clients...

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why Trafalgar Residence?

At Trafalgar Residence, we understand the difficult decision you have to make in picking a rehabilitation centre that is best for you. We are honoured you've considered us as a treatment option and will go to great ...

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Welcome Message

Recovery is within the reach of anyone that truly wants it. Our role, at Trafalgar Residence is to provide the foundation for a healthy, lifelong recovery. At Trafalgar Residence, we offer integrated treatments for men ...

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We recognize the significance of timing in recovery, and we do our utmost to accommodate your treatment needs as soon as you are ready. Call us now!

Our clinical team collaborates to create individualized and integrated treatment programs to competently address both addiction and mental health disorders, enabling clients to achieve long-term recovery success.

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What we offer

At Trafalgar Residence, we take a three-pronged approach to our treatment structure, offering programs for the recovery of substance related disorders, process addictions and concurrent disorders.

Substance related disorders can refer to alcohol addiction issues, or abuse of a wide range of different drugs that are harmful to the user...


We understand that taking the first step towards recovery and asking for help can be a difficult and scary decision. We are here to ensure that you are well informed, feel taken care of and ready to begin your healing journey.


How long is the program?

Our program is a minimum of 30 days. Anything past that is based on the specific needs of the individual. These needs will be assessed by our clinical team and will be discussed with the client.

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Success in Recovery

By: Marnelle Tokio What does “success in recovery” mean to you? Seems simple enough to answer. I am Clean and Sober. You can draw my blood and get just blood. Peeing in a cup doesn’t… Read More