A Treatment Centre for Men and Women with
Addictions & Concurrent Mental Health Disorders

Why Trafalgar Residence

At Trafalgar Residence, we understand the difficult decision you have to make in choosing an addiction treatment centre that is best for you. For individuals and families who are affected by addiction, Trafalgar Residence provides help in transforming their lives.

Our clinically supervised treatment program follows a philosophy of client-centered care based on the belief that individuals on the journey to recovery can develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.

Individualized Treatment

At Trafalgar Residence, we treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Our team of highly skilled psychologists, social workers, and counsellors provide individual and group psychotherapy designed to identify each client’s barriers to recovery, helping each person to recognize his or her triggers, and exposing the rationalizations and excuses that clients use to justify their behaviors.

We help each client develop healthy and appropriate coping skills—positive actions our clients can take when he or she is back in the real world and tempted to drink or use. We also incorporate, when appropriate, family therapy and couples counselling. Evidence that Trafalgar Residence is committed to assisting not only our clients, but also their loved ones.

A Safe Environment

Trafalgar Residence is a safe and supportive home for our clients to stabilize, develop and implement the coping skills and other tools necessary for ongoing, long-term recovery.

Experienced and Passionate Staff

Our staff of skilled and educated professionals facilitate the most sophisticated addiction treatment available. Through group and individual therapy, we educate our clients on the psychological, physical and social implications of long-term addiction and mental health issues. Using multiple treatment modalities, we help each client discover and effectively address, emotional or psychological issues that might interfere with their recovery. And, we help each client determine and address their own unique relapse warning signs.

 Long-Term Aftercare

The Aftercare Program at Trafalgar Residence is an important tool to help our clients lead a successful addiction-free life.  Our Aftercare meetings provide clients with positive reinforcements of the skills and tools gained through our residential treatment program.

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We recognize the significance of timing in recovery, and we do our utmost to accommodate your treatment needs as soon as you are ready. Call us now!

Our clinical team collaborates to create individualized and integrated treatment programs to competently address both addiction and mental health disorders, enabling clients to achieve long-term recovery success.

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