A Treatment Centre for Men and Women with
Addictions & Concurrent Mental Health Disorders

Addiction Treatment for Women

At Trafalgar Residence, we have developed a specific addiction and mental health treatment program for women. Men and women experience addiction and recovery on different levels, and our dedicated team of professionals provide individualized yet comprehensive treatment approach that is specific to women 18 and over. Not only do women and men have different biological responses to alcohol and drug abuse, they also have different psychological reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Women and men are also receptive to different types of therapy and treatment options. Gender specific treatment is provided by our highly trained professionals and administered specific to the needs of the female client. Separate programming allows women to stay focused on their own recovery process, explore sensitive issues with peers in a safe and supportive environment, and strengthen their fellowship with others in recovery. This is supported by subsequent and ongoing research that gender-specific treatment provides our clients with the best opportunity for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Connecting our clients with other women who have been where they are and who can provide them with support, insight and advice ensures a positive outlook on the future and a more effective connection with the treatment.

At Trafalgar Residence, we believe that creating a highly individualized treatment plan for addiction and underlying issues, while blending holistic and traditional methods, we can guide the way toward healthy, meaningful and lasting recovery.


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We recognize the significance of timing in recovery, and we do our utmost to accommodate your treatment needs as soon as you are ready. Call us now!

Our clinical team collaborates to create individualized and integrated treatment programs to competently address both addiction and mental health disorders, enabling clients to achieve long-term recovery success.

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