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Cutting/Self Harm

People who self-injure often use it as a method of coping with stress, overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and emotions such as rage, sadness, guilt, shame, and remorse. Some find that self-harm allows them to express emotions, provides a distraction from an unhappy life, or relieves emotional numbing or suffering. Self-injury, also referred to self-harm and self-mutilation does help alleviate emotional torment – but only for a short while. Then, the negative feelings and urge to self-harm returns. If you’re like other people who self-injure, you probably work hard to hide your scars – maybe you’re ashamed or don’t think other people will understand. Hiding your self-injury can be an unbearable load to carry – it makes you feel worthless, like you’re alone, different from the rest of the world. You know what you’re doing is dangerous, but you can’t stop.

A person who self-injures typically experiences a number of other problems as well. Eating disorders and alcohol & drug addiction are two common issues dealt with by those who self-injure.

Those who participate in self-injury are not attempting to commit suicide. This is often used as a method for coping with stress, overwhelming thoughts, feelings and emotions such as rage sadness, guilt, shame, and remorse. Thinking about death however, may be common. Very rarely do those who self-injure have a desire to harm other people.

Self-injury takes places in a number of different forms. There is not one specific type of injurious behavior, although cutting is most commonly associated with self-harm.


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